How to choose a sex toy

Criteria for choosing a suitable sex toy

Hardness of sex toys

Softness is important for larger sex toys. For small sex toys up to 3.5 cm in diameter, hardness does not play much of a role. It is measured with a durometer on a scale of 0 to 100HC (more sex toys testing), which correspond to 0–100%. The average values of the hardness of dildos are around 30HC. Human skin on soft tissue has around 0.5HC, relaxed muscle 7.5HC, maximally tense muscle up to 25HC. You can easily press the 0-1 HC material by a few cm, the 10HC material to a depth of about 1 cm. Beach volleyball ball 30HC (non-force denting up to 2-3 mm), normal volleyball 50HC (non-force denting approx. 1mm) and old tennis shoe 60HC (zero non-force denting) and hard material such as glass, metal 100 HC. For sex toys made of hard silicone - vibrators up to 35mm and plugs or pins, the hardness is around 50-75HC and there is no point in measuring it. The body does not distinguish hardness from 30HC or higher. Likewise for smaller vibrators made of hard ABS plastics, where it is close to 100%.

Ideal hardness of large dildos and anal plugs - 7.5HC (hardness of the relaxed muscle) and its advantages

Up to a hardness of 20HC, an erotic toy with a normal penis size is so soft that you perceive it as part of the body. For extreme stretchedie toys with a diameter of 5cm and more, but you need the ideal hardness, which is at the level of the permitted human muscle, ie 7.5HC (7.5%) E.g. 12HC is still excellent value and such toys are very nice (much better than 20 or 30HC), but it is already too hard. With an extreme dildo or anal plug with an ideal hardness of around 7.5 HC or 5-10HC best performance can be achieved. A soft pin with ideal hardness and elasticity gradually loosens the tissue. The muscle around the mucous membrane contracts and relaxes around the soft pin and therefore actually massages itself. That is less damage to the mucous membrane due to the spontaneous reaction of the muscle in an attempt to expel the object, faster release, faster long-term stretching. Also a better optical impression. A soft dildo hurts just as much as a 1-2 cm weaker hard dildo. A soft dildo thus motivates even more. A soft dildo also mechanically abrades and deforms the tissue less. That is, less risk hygienic and other health complications. On the contrary, the softer toy (hardness 0-5%) is already poorly inserted and due to too much elasticity it does not have the ability to stretch tissue. Dildo with ideal hardness - extra soft approx 7.5HC – sometimes it does not stand completely straight without support, but it is more pleasant and recommended by us. Extasica makes giant dildos softer than the competition, in terms of hardness 7.5HC. For comparison, the market standard for Liquid Silicone is 25HC and extreme toys are Mr. Hankey Toys have a hardness of 21HC - a softer variant of the "75% basic hardness" then 16HC. But even that is too hard for an extreme dildo. 

Quality and color of sex toys

With metal objects, even a small irregularity can hurt or even cut inside and indicates a low quality sex toy. Perfumed vibrators or dildos are not suitable, as they can burn the sensitive mucous membrane of some people or even mask the smell of rubber. Such often go hand in hand with toxins (more Sexual materials).

Black and brown TPE erotic toys, or any silicone toys, cannot be stained with feces during anal use. On the contrary, fine dust from a towel or hard-to-wash gel residues are not visible on light and flesh-colored surfaces. However, it is not essential for plugs, vibrators or double dildos, as you can hardly see them during use anyway :).

Size and suitability of sex toys

Don't overdo it with the size of sex toys. A well-washed cucumber or carrot can be used to test the size of a sex toy for vaginal or anal sex. For many people, these cheap natural erotic tools can do the trick. Hygienically, they pose a higher risk than sex toys made for that purpose. But no one has died on the cucumber. However, other natural objects can hide other difficulties. E.g. pepper burns long after use, banana - remains of flesh can remain, or insufficiently smooth skin can injure, cone can open and prevent removal. Similarly, whipped cream, marmalade or other snacks are not suitable as a gel or served on female genitalia, as they provide good conditions for infection. For more information on the suitability and risks of different sex toys, see the link Sex toys materials and maintenance. Sometimes customers choose toys that are too small. The diameter of 3.5 cm should be gradually mastered by every beginner - an adult person even for anal.

The added value of a sex toy

New and stronger experiences can be achieved by combining different sex toys and situations. There is no point in having, for example, a hogtie cross, straps under the bed and other simple low-quality binding tools. This can be fully and more safely replaced (with us at no extra charge) by a combination of high-quality leather handcuffs and a rope or a stylish chain. We also do not recommend cheap riding whips - a plastic stick covered in PVC leather gives the same blunt blows as a plain plastic stick. In general, we do not recommend Western goods either. These are often overpriced products (also from China, like everything else) sold by Western distributors under their own brand.


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