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How to choose an erotic toy - criteria

Criteria for selecting a suitable erotic toy

Hardness of erotic toys

For small erotic toys up to a diameter of 35 mm it does not matter. Low hardness is key for large sex toys. It is measured with a durometer on a scale of 0 to 100HC (more sex toys testing), kdy lidská kůže na tkáni má kolem 0,5HC (maximálně napnutý sval až 25HC).  Materiál 0-1 HC snadno zmáčknete o několik cm, materiál s tvrdostí 10HC do hloubky asi 1cm.  Míč na plážový volejbal 30HC (nesilové promáčknutí do 2-3 mm), na normální volejbal 50HC (nesilové promáčknutí cca 1mm) a jetý tenisák 60HC (nulové nesilové promáčnutí) a tvrdý materiál jako sklo, kov 100 HC.

Up to 20HC, the erotic toy is soft enough to be perceived as part of the body. Greater performance can be achieved with such a sexual instrument. On the one hand, it narrows more in the sphincter area, so you can take a larger one. Secondly, the soft material essentially automatically massages the sphincter and the entire inner tissue and thus releases it more. For hard silicone sex toys - vibrators up to 35mm and plugs or pins the hardness is around 50-75HC and it makes no sense to measure. The body no longer distinguishes hardness within these values. The same is true for smaller hard plastic vibrators, where it is close to a hundred.

Quality of erotic toys

Take care of hygiene and perfect roundness. Even a small irregularity can hurt or even cut inside, indicating poor quality sex toys. Perfumed vibrators or dildos, which may burn or even overlap the gummy smell of some people, are not suitable. These often go hand in hand with toxins (more Sexual materials).

Color erotic toys

Black and brown erotic toys will not stain with feces during anal use. On the other hand, the light and body color does not show small dust eg from a towel or poorly washable gel residues. Body color is generally more natural for realistic dildos, and most people will be more inclined towards it. For plugs, vibrators or double dildos it is not very important, because you can hardly see them anyway :).

Size and suitability of sex toys

Don't overdo it with the size of sex toys. A well-washed cucumber or carrot can be used to test the size of a sex toy for vaginal or anal sex. For many people, these cheap natural erotic tools can do the trick. Hygienically, they pose a higher risk than sex toys made for that purpose. But no one has died on the cucumber. However, other natural objects can hide other difficulties. E.g. pepper burns long after use, banana - remains of flesh can remain, or insufficiently smooth skin can injure, cone can open and prevent removal. Similarly, whipped cream, marmalade or other snacks are not suitable as a gel or served on female genitalia, as they provide good conditions for infection. For more information on the suitability and risks of different sex toys, see the link Sex toys materials and maintenance.

Added value of erotic toys

By combining different erotic toys and situations, you can achieve new, more powerful experiences. There is no point in having a hogtie cross, under-bed straps and other simple low-quality lashing tools. This can be (in our country without surcharge) fully and safely replaced by a combination of high quality leather handcuffs and rope or a stylish chain. We also do not recommend cheap riding whips - a plastic rod wrapped with PVC leather gives the same blunt wounds as a simple plastic rod. Generally, we do not recommend western goods. This is usually an overpriced and even lower quality production from China sold by Western distributors under its brand.

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