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Tips & Warnings Anal sex, anus stretching, enema

Recommendations for anal sex, rectum stretching and enema.

About 60% of heterosexual couples in developed countries practice anal sex. Mostly at the instigation of a man. Only about 20-25% of women initiate it. A similar percentage of men (including heterosexuals) welcome anal sex in a passive role.

The beginnings of anal sex

Start yourself with an dildo or at least in the up position to regulate the depth of penetration. Gradual stretching, while respecting the body limit (pain), avoids involuntary contractions and releases the sphincter more quickly and without pain or injury. As a lubricant and healing agent for anal sex, it is best to not perfume without any hot ingredients (in our lona sexshop strawberry whose raspberry). Good with healing effects is a cream based on artificial fat and medical vaseline (eg. LIPSALVE without perfume). However, it disrupts the condom and is less slippery than the gel. If you feel the need to go to the toilet before or during sex, do so. With medium (over 10 cm) or deep (over 20 cm) insertion, faeces (secreted stools) are commonly found in the large intestine and is not necessarily an indication of the need to go to the toilet. These residues in the rectum, however, irritate the mucosa during irritation. If it appears on the penis in more than a droplet amount, clean it and go to the toilet or perform an enema according to your subjective well-being.

Reasons for anal sex?

Variety, male dominance, female submissivity, narrower opening. Irritation of the smooth muscle inside the body provokes intense sensations in both sexes regardless of submissivity or dominance. Flexibila, mastering more partners or toys, relaxing for the vagina. Coital and oral sex are considered the common standard. Anal sex can thus be above-standard from the woman's point of view, for which it is possible to ask for something extra. But anal sex can also be enjoyable for a woman. Anal orgasms are commonly achieved by both men and women. Usually, these pleasurable feelings are hampered only by unreasonable psychic resistance.

Side effects, negatives and positives of anal sex

It is more demanding on hygiene. Loose faeces (excrement) means higher risks of vaginal or bladder inflammation of both partners. The mucous membranes of the rectum and colon are more susceptible to injury (even due to sometimes relatively sharp residues such as nuts) and thus to the transmission of venereal diseases. Scientific studies refute the widespread assumption of a higher risk of incontinence due to anal sex. The anus can be enlarged gradually by painless stretching (after a very intensive training in hours a day it is even possible to train the prolapse), but the sphincter will still perform its function reliably. In this context, laymen often talk about hemorrhoids. In fact, anal sex works well; gradually and painlessly, the risk of hemorrhoids is lower than in the absence of anal sex. We know a lot of people with hemorrhoids (a common health problem at an older age), but no one with hemorrhoids who would regularly (weekly or monthly) engage in (passive) anal sex. It makes sense - hemorrhoids are treated in the first phase by lubrication and massage. One of our customers has been advised to practice the rectum with aids to prevent hemorrhoids. The customer's feedback: if I don't practice for a few weeks, it's worse.

Bleeding during anal sex

After anal play, the mucous membrane may bleed slightly (discoloration of toilet paper, at a stronger stage even colored stools at a certain location) and pain or false urge to go to the toilet is not an exception in the beginning and should stop within 3 days. However, it still indicates an improper anal sex, ie above your current body limits or too quickly without sufficient relaxation. Stronger bleeding should not occur with thoughtful anal sex. You can overdo it in excitement when training with larger or longer objects despite the warning of pain. Heavy bleeding is when you are dripping when you are dripping for a short time "blood" flows and it does not hurt. In this condition, it may not be necessary to consult a doctor and it should stop on day 3. That doesn't mean that you have to get here. But if you are stupid, it happens and there are no other signals that something is wrong (temperature, nausea, more pain beyond excretion), the body should handle it. If something is wrong, such as increased pain, fever, nausea, or other extreme symptoms, go to the doctor.

Possible discomfort after anal sex

They appear during the first attempts with the penis or during intensive training with toys 5cm or more thick. This is manifested by the urge to go to the toilet, although you don't really need it. They are most often caused by slight strain on the muscles of the outer and more often the inner sphincter around the anus (about 2.5-3.5 cm from the anus) and smooth muscles around the rectum (another approx. 10-12 cm inside the body) or smooth muscles around the colon (last part) colon). Folkly speaking, you have strained these muscles as if you were expelling a particularly voluminous excrement and you have temporarily slightly impaired intestinal traction. The muscles can be slightly contracted and therefore push. In principle, smooth muscle cannot be controlled by will and relief, and a warm shower or spontaneous contraction of this smooth muscle during orgasm (without insertion into the anal) gives you relaxation. You can also easily exercise, clench and relax the buttocks and sphincter, but it makes no sense to push, which would only traumatize the muscles. Usually it will return to normal within 1 or 2 days. With more intensive training with a device over 25 cm, you can also cause a slight constipation. It should be back to normal within 14 days. In addition to the methods above, light enemas can be used to return to normal.


In some sex shops it is possible to read false information about the curative and cleansing effects of colon cleansing and, after training, possibly the small intestine. A healthy body is designed to properly get rid of the excreted food. However, it does not harm the body to a reasonable degree with drinking water. Enema is not necessary for normal anal games with a penis up to 20cm (sometimes even up to 25 cm depends on the actual "fullness" of the body), or just light enema and eliminate it immediately.

Saline (water, 0.9% NaCl) or drinking water can be used. Other fluid users, for example milk, are less suitable from a hygienic point of view, but the body can handle them. Impregnation can be done special irrigators - filling balloon, hanging bag, most comfortable showers, but even a plastic kitchen funnel with a well rounded edge.

If there is no heat, keep a sweater or a large dry towel handy. It's good to be warm. You are not moving, you are only partially clothed and the toilet is not one of the hottest rooms. The amount to be filled is individual according to the person and his current condition.

Deep enema

In hospitals, they do rather strong enemas, which the body can handle, for example, 0.5 to 0.75 liters. At home it only makes sense if you want the dimensions of the devices introduced to attack your borders or separately as a SM / SubDom practitioner or sex game supplement, where the intestines filled with warm water relax and intensify feelings during genital stimulation. Can be enhanced by anal plug. Most effective - the shortest and least demanding technique of a deep enema is lubrication and deep introduction tubular anal showers and simultaneous impregnation and deposition (about 10 to 15 minutes). Other techniques last up to an hour and needlessly irritate.

When excreting water from a deeper enema, the body tends to continue stasis, but water from the intestines has not yet "touched" the rectum, ie. that you have contractions that do not result in the immediate excretion of water or excrement. These contractions should be slightly suppressed (against the will of the body) (calm the sphincter and intestines) and leave the hole free until the moment of actual need. Over time, you will acquire a technique that suits you (eg, partial or heavy pushes to cope with involuntary contractions), and you can do it faster without discomfort.

Untrained holds from 0.75 to 1.5, trained average tall man could handle 2 to 3 liters, when the limit indicates the pain in your bowels. You will find out what you can bear. After the enema the rectum is more sensitive to rubbing, give it enough lubricant.

Combination of vaginal and anal sex

Combining vaginal and anal sex without proper washing, as they do in porn movies, is impressive not only in porn movies, but also in reality and is a powerful boost for both men and women. This technique always increases the risk of vaginal inflammation. The absence of washing shortly after sex means inflammation almost certainly…

Butt plugs, body limits

Inflatable toys it also gives beginners a painless feeling of great fulfillment. But the rubber from which they are made relatively pulls on the skin. Cheaper inflatable toys have a thin rubber easier to disturb with hard stool residue (nuts, etc.) and a plastic valve that leaves the air. An alternative is a pin with gradually expanding steps (2-4 cm in diameter, for more advanced 3 to 6 cm), which releases the sphincter better. The advanced have massive wedges for stretching (7-15 cm) or massive dildos with a length of up to 55cm.

Untrained after a short stretch can handle a 4.5 cm thick device to a depth of 15 cm. It passes through the anus (orifice marking), the anus canal 2.5-3.5cm with an external and internal sphincter and anus 10-12cm. At the transition of the rectum and the descending colon (the last part of the large intestine) is an S-shaped handle (sharp left movement), therefore in the vast majority of porn films we see insertion of dildos over 4.5 cm thick only to a depth of about 15 cm. Untrained woman with a height of 160 cm can handle this bend (S-shaped handle) to push the toy about 3.5 cm in diameter man about 4 cm, trained woman about 4.5-5 cm, man about 5 cm-6 cm (more are isolated extremes). Another boundary is at a depth of 30-35cm, when the descending colon moves in a sharp bend to the right into the (horizontally placed) transverse colon. There, it is possible to extrude the device about half the thickness of the previous bend. The irritation of this second bend produces very intense feelings. A very thin dildo up to 2.5 cm can be inserted to a depth of up to 70 cm.

Coloring toys excrement

Applies to bright PVC toys. TPE and silicone toys basically do not suffer from it. A condom is unnecessarily expensive to protect toys, and in an aggressive and cramped anus space, the device, which is usually stiffer than the human penis, tears more, especially the large device. We recommend an enema and one sneaking toy that partially picks up and pulls out and partially pushes the faeces back into the intestines. These first excrements dye the most. Toys are particularly susceptible after consuming more alcohol, especially red wine.

General instructions for the use of sex toys

and more tips for sex toys

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  1. I love enema. Since I have been practicing it long enough, I can handle 4 liters of slow soak with my feet hung on the bar. The feeling of fulfillment is wonderful, sometimes I repeat the impregnation three times. Since I inject enema at least three times a week, I practically do not have an ordinary stool. The enema is simply wonderful. Dominik

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