About us

Since 2016 we are a family Czech-Vietnamese sexshop based in the Czech Republic and operating in the European Union.

Specialization: BDSM, clinic, sex dolls

Quality segment: generally medium to high quality, for BDSM the lowest to high quality

Market share in the Czech Republic in 2018-19: 1 per mille

Our story"

As customers, we used to buy overpriced bullies in a branded sexshop network and thought, "Damn these things must cost less." We were shopping cheaper elsewhere, but we were still shopping. Most sex shops in Europe offer sex toys often of fairground quality, including dangerous products at overpriced prices (for more see Sex Toy Museum). Poor quality and high prices of erotic toys are our main reasons for entering the business.

Main priorities

Quality technical, medical, sensual. Very low prices according to price / performance / added value criterion. Fair negotiations, good reputation. Maximum protection of your privacy at the expense of profit (see below).

Unusually low prices for sex toys

Many people make irrational decisions when buying sex toys. In excitement, you give a sex toy much more than the real price or buy a poor quality product. In addition, sexshops are partly behind the veil. Prohibition of advertising, presentation, need for confidentiality prevents the creation of a strong brand. All this makes the sex toys market fragmented, distorted. Expensive and poor quality products will also succeed.

The margin of European sex shops is normally 50-80% (much less in our sex shop). This does not correspond to the demands and risks of the business of sex shops. Erotic toys do not spoil, basically do not break down and can be stored easily and long. We want fair prices for you and we believe that in the long term customers will appreciate it and find their way to quality shops.

Sex toys are offered at lower prices than market prices, on average at 40-60% competition prices. Often even at lower prices than European wholesalers. Limited opening hours, smaller inventory, custom photos and distributions directly from manufacturers allow low costs and very low prices. Everything except hosting is done by only 2 people: web, legal affairs, own photos, searching for goods around the world, testing and measurement (see below). We use free software.

Quality and fair action

Sexshop Extasica as one of the few does not sell products of poor quality for body cavities. E.g. hard anal beads, or venus balls ala ping pong balls on the thread. These are offered by almost all major European distributors except for the very expensive ones as Rimba. But Rimba also has a lot of PVC rebranded products from China under its brand. It is better to take a cucumber, belt or wooden spoon. For sale we do not approve sex toys of the lowest quality (for more see Sex Toy Museum) such as dangerous vaginal mirrors, poor quality handcuffs, poor quality pumps or inflatable devices (air leaks, does not hold shape). Nylon or plastic restraint belts with Velcro. In 2016, we found these dangerous products in all major sex shops in the Czech Republic without exception. Even one of the biggest Czech sex shops have been writing people on their website for months that this dangerous anal mirror cuts their mucous membranes. They still sold it anyway :). Such an approach in Europe is not an exception, but unfortunately the standard. We do not allow dangerous sex toys to sell, even at the cost of throwing away some goods. If we sell poor quality but safe toys in the sale, then for a fraction of the price with a loss and description of defects.

Since mid-2018, we have been withdrawing from the PVC segment and hard TPR dildos, which is still prevalent in the world and in China. In the category dildos we just want to pay more attention TPE and liquid silicone. The only exception is giant dildos, which are made of PVC at reasonable prices up to 60 EUR.

Only in the BDSM and clothing segments we also offer low quality sex toys made of PVC leather basically on the effect and testing whether you are or not. But also at very low prices. Sexual BDSM toys made of genuine leather are then significantly more expensive about 4-6x and this is a big jump, for example, when comparing prices of other quality and poor quality toys (2x). Unfortunately, handcuffs or BDSM suit or costume will not replace with a spoon or a cucumber, so even these basically smudges make sense (playing or enhancing the idea).

The quality of the goods and fairness towards consumers in the Extasica sex shop is guaranteed by the editors magazinspotrebitele.czthat helps people free in legal matters in everyday life. Rather than selling what most other sex shops, we prefer to leave the business. We do not lower the quality standard, but strengthen it in the long term (see the move away from Western production below).

Privacy policy, customer reviews 99%

We are very pleased with customer reviews on the largest business portal of the Czech Republic Heureka.cz - rating 99% during the entire existence of the Extasica sex shop (the lowest customer rating was 90%). But we deactivated the Heureka sexshop reviews after 18 months in March 2018. When we checked compliance with the privacy policy, we found that the Heureka review script took data from all customers, not just those from Heureka. Protecting your privacy (more in FAQ) is one of our highest priorities as far as possible. Other sexshops (95% sex shops in the Czech Republic) give Heureka customer data and rating. Some without the customer's knowledge, some by checking the box “get the Heureka questionnaire”. But they will fail to tell you that Heureka will receive your email, purchase information and other data. We cannot imagine such harassment to our customer, as well as revealing his identity or purchase content to another person.

Why do we have mostly sex toys from China and not from the USA or Europe?

Most of our equipment is from China. But the same applies to all major European distributors and of course to European sex shops, because few sex shops (including us Hong Kong 2018, Shang Hai 2019) themselves visit foreign exhibitions and independently choose goods. 70% erotic goods are made in China and this trend strengthens. Not because of just the price, but paradoxically contrary to the established idea too because of quality. Extasica is even gradually diverts from reputable western goodsas it is of lower quality than well-selected non-branded Chinese. China has long played a major role not only in price, but also in technology, in terms of materials. For example Liquid silicone for vibrators is produced only in China, although it is technology purchased 2019 from Germany (at least from the Chinese brand Mrimin). In the West, it is simply not worth doing. Reputable Western companies like PipeDream and DocJohnson offer 10, 20 years old products until people stop buying it for the expensive money. Mostly also produced in China. Typically Pipedream has poor quality PVC dildos and lagging TPE dildos and many other poor quality products from China under the PipeDream brand. Doc Johnson have excellent TPE Ultraskyn dildos and decent double layer PVC butt plugs, but very poor PVC dildos also made in China.

An exception to this trend will be from 2020 super expensive giant fantasy liquid silicone dildos from USA. We have had these dildos in the viewfinder for several years, but we were unable to convince our Chinese suppliers to produce them. In China, this material is commonly used, but only for mass production - dildos and vibrators of normal size.

What we don't offer and why

Latex as a product with relatively increased hygiene and health risks (absence of ventilation, skin reactions). Latex replace the more natural, convenient and cheaper alternative (eg role playing, costumes, sex in different places, handcuffs, metal and leather garments). We perceive chemical stimulants, magnifying creams and other chemical products as unnatural and potentially harmful to health. We are not able to get underwear of bright colors. Normal quality sexy underwear is enough in everyday stores. From the area erotic clothing se stahujeme. There are many sexy costumes on the market. Of course, they are only made in fairground quality :)). We only have a few of them. There are no quality fucking machines up to 200Eur on the market (we do not want to offer poor quality) and high quality horse or special dildos up to 100 Euros. For other things you haven't found here, send a photo of the goods, and we will pricing it without obligation.

Selection, quality testing of sex toys, description and photo shoot, fair approach

We are expanding the offer of goods quarterly. About 1 out of 100 products offered to us will be sold on the basis of quality, appearance, variability of use and price. We are looking for added value, something that for the same price is not available with other sex toys. By combining different erotic toys and situations, you can achieve new, more powerful experiences. It makes no sense to have handcuffs, hogtie cross, under-bed straps and other simple low-quality eye-catchers, if it can be (in our country without surcharge) fully and safely replaced by a combination of high quality leather handcuffs and rope or stylish chain.

Products are tested before being put on offer (test methodology). It should not happen that you would buy erotic toys easily capable of causing injuries or abrasions (eg Velcro harnesses or insufficiently ground metal tools). Unlike our competitors, we often take pictures of our goods so that you can have a good look at it. Many vendor photos are in low resolution. Photos colors are real, unlit. We don't edit photos and try to capture faithful, not nicer.

We describe advantages, disadvantages and alternative ways of using sex toys. If we do not like the new product, we do not try to sell it at full price - it goes straight to the sale. We compensate customers for errors.

Your voice

If you give us a rating at Heureka, Google or similar reference portals, it will help us a lot.

Many companies, including successful customers, often do not want or implement them reluctantly. E.g. Heureka forces the seller to invent meaningless product names. Paypal is unable to replenish the Czech citizen's credit in dollars. Not to mention the Czech Post. We are always happy for your suggestions, even if it is sometimes stupid. We usually fill them up in a few days and it will help everyone. Sometimes your proposed improvement is not in our financial strength. E.g. we want to do a lot of things on the web, but we still need to work with open software WordPress (GNU), Woocommerce (GPL), and its unpaid adjustments. More in Questions and Answers FAQ


September 2016 start of the cheapest sex shop in the Czech Republic (smsexshop.cz), the first stone shop in the Czech Republic with silicone dolls

February 2018 profiweb

October 2018 and June 2019, discounting, improving and stabilizing the assortment, transition from smsexshop.cz to extasica.com

September 2019 Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland

November 2019 Erofest Praha

Slogan: Touch the toys before…

“Touch the Toys Earlier” means: 1. Touch before buying in our store or everyone's seated differently. 2. Touch before others, because we bring news from the world of sex toys among the first. 3. we touch erotic toys for you. We test them and release only the best, and you can check the quality before buying by touching them in our store. 4. One should try some things before it's too late.

Is our business model - no advertising and prices better than wholesale - sustainable?

Our website traffic is growing by 50% every year. Meanwhile, since 2016 we work for free and we finance the store rent from reserves. Maybe our prices are too low. Either in 1 or 2 years, we will increase sales above $ 10,000 per month, or we will be forced to raise prices by 50% to the level of competition and invest in advertising and professional photos. It is up to you customers whether you wish to keep this model. Recommend us to friends, film companies, blogs, social networks or Google review.

Cooperation, quantity discounts

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More information: Recommendations for buying and using sex toys, Terms and ConditionsMaterial and maintenance of sex toys

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